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BRF is following local, state and federal recommendations to limit the spread of COVID-19 by adhering to face covering and social distancing guidance while doing business, prioritizing our employees’, patients’ and stakeholders’ health and safety.

BRF is building our region's future, one initiative at a time

We are economic development, establishing business environments like the Intertech Science Park, where some of our area’s most creative companies are positioning themselves to become tomorrow’s biggest success stories.

BRF is building our region's future, one initiative at a time

We are entrepreneurship, launching startups through the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program that create jobs and promote economic development.

BRF is building our region's future, one initiative at a time

We are innovation, helping scientists in BRF facilities such as
the Center for Molecular Imaging and Therapy and the Virginia K Shehee Biomedical Research Institute discover new therapies and knowledge.

BRF is building our region's future, one initiative at a time

We are education, helping to shape minds with programs like the Digital Media Institute at InterTech and science and technology enrichment curricula at local schools.

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Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards and Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins help us celebrate EAP’s sixth year in operation, the end of year two of our NorLEAP program, AND most importantly, the 2020 class of startups that will be joining our Wall of Entrepreneurial Achievement!

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BRF Impact and Vision with Dr. Loren Scott and Dr. John George

BRF Impact and Vision with Dr. Loren Scott and Dr. John George

To measure the impact of its economic development activities, BRF commissioned Loren C. Scott and Associates, a Baton Rouge consulting firm led by Dr. Loren C. Scott, to conduct an economic impact study of BRF activities during 2018 and 2019 in the Shreveport-Bossier...


BRF maintains and promotes the InterTech Science Park, an 800-acre urban Brownfields, smart growth initiative located in the Kings Highway/Mansfield Road area of Shreveport. The resident companies represent pharmaceutical, digital and entertainment media, drug discovery, venture capital support and environmental industries.

The Center for Molecular Imaging and Therapy, formerly the PET Imaging Center, was established as the first positron emission tomography imaging center in Louisiana. It specializes in the production and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals, technologically advanced clinical trials and research opportunities for scientists.

The Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP), launched in 2014, seeks out and evaluates new products and ideas, and with its team of professional analysts, helps entrepreneurs determine the best business model for their product, and grooms them to present their product to investors.

The BRF is committed to providing training and education for our community. The BRF chooses to invest in programs that cultivate a workforce with the skills, understanding, and creativity to excel in a knowledge economy.

The Digital Media Institute at InterTech prepares students through a one-year accelerated program offering experience in animation, visual artifacts and computer graphics for film and interactive gaming in a real-world atmosphere. The Institute’s mission is to deliver rapid 21st century training to students to prepare them for careers in digital media.

BRF created the Envision Research in 2015 to seek and pursue new research initiatives and provide support for the conduct of clinical trials towards new treatments and diagnostics, improvement of patient care and economic development of North Louisiana.



Diversify and grow our region’s economy.



Operate as a catalyst to expand and develop research, entrepreneurship and high-growth businesses in our region.



Innovation. Collaboration. Problem Solving. Bold Action.

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